Puntland army launch anti-ISIL offensive in Qandala.


Forces from the northeastern semi-autonomous state of Puntland have launched an offensive on Saturday to drive pro-Islamic State militants from the strategic port town of Qandala in Bari region.
Sa’eed Waberi Mohamed, the finance secretary of Qandala administration has confirmed heavy clashes between Puntland troops and ISIL fighters in the outskirts of the town, which lies 75Km east of Bosaso.
He said Puntland forces are advancing on the town from different directions as they reached Karin, small rural area located just 30Km away from the seaside city of Qandal, where the ISIL fighters are based.
Reports from the area indicate that NATO warships patrolling the coast of Somalia are involved in the battle and launching seaborne attacks against the ISIL militants in Qandala which fell to ISIL in October.